Tom Erickson

Tom Erickson


Chief Leadership Officer


A behaviorally-grounded executive consultant, Tom maximizes human potential by focusing on leadership effectiveness, management and organizational development, and strategic human resources management. Understanding that leadership effectiveness occurs within the context of the key processes that drive a business, Tom works with enterprises to improve systems, structures and disciplines. His unique skillset allows him to help align teams to a common direction. Additionally, Tom’s holistic approach to leadership efficacy, organizational development, and HR sets him apart from his colleagues. As a senior HR executive for more than 24 years, Tom brings a practical, results-oriented perspective to his work. This culmination of years of line management experiences combined with his expertise in the behavioral sciences, creates a balanced leader who can assist any organization in improving its management and organizational development.

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive & Organizational Coaching
  • Managing Cultural Change
  • Human Resources Strategic Planning
  • Talent Management & Development
  • Employee Engagement & Performance

Key Accomplishments

  • Developing and implementing a company-wide cultural change strategy, Tom received funding from a California State Employment Training Panel (ETP) program to facilitate the training at Elgar Electronics, resulting in a 28% increase in productivity.
  • At Elgar Electronics, Tom facilitated the transition and integration strategies for 14 M&A transactions.
  • Overseeing all aspects of project management, Tom successfully supervised the construction of a 90,000 sq. ft. manufacturing and corporate office facility.
  • Tom developed and implemented a nationally recognized modeling videos based middle management development program at Solar Turbines, Intl.
  • Creating and directing employee driven work teams, Tom helped to identify and resolve both existing as well as potential quality issues at Solar Turbines, Intl.

Professional Experience

  • Erickson & Associates – Principal
  • Baron Center Inc. – Principal, Senior Director Human Resources
  • Elgar Electronics Corp. – VP Human Resources and Administration
  • Solar Turbines Intl. – Manager HR; Manager Training and Development
  • Allis Chalmers Mfg Co – Corporate Marketing Planning

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