Steve Torrey

Steve Torrey

Financial Leadership


Drawing from over thirty years of CFO experience, Steve uses a supportive team-management approach to financial leadership. He helps CFO’s go beyond their basic responsibilities of providing accurate and timely financial reports; he helps discern management’s unspoken needs and customizes information systems and internal reporting to ease management decisions. He combines his MBA and CPA background with a creative and fun approach to helping management teams pursue their organizational missions.

Areas of Expertise

  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Not-for-Profit Management
  • Financial and Operational Analysis
  • Family Business Transitions
  • Managerial Accounting

Key Accomplishments

  • As CFO of a dual-family-owned publisher, Steve took the management team through their first multi-department budget planning process, leading them in subsequent years to face competitive pressures and to regenerate after the financial hit caused by a natural disaster.
  • Crossing into an in-house consulting role for a creative convention planning nonprofit, Steve sensitively challenged management to adapt its mission from producing educational-training events to educator-inspiring events, tripling attendance.
  • As non-family chief executive of a real-estate based family business, Steve managed all operations, led the company through succession and estate planning, sold off non-core businesses and investments, and mediated family differences on corporate direction.
  • As financial advisor, Steve helped launch a grant-giving non-profit, leading the board through setting up internal controls, while modifying internal financial statements to creatively address management needs.
  • As COO, Steve oversaw a publisher’s customer database and its order fulfillment operations, smoothly converting them from two in-house centers to an outside agency.

Professional Experience

  • Sacks, Inc. – Business Manager
  • Breeze Business Services – Family and Trust Accounting
  • Youth Specialties, Inc. – Senior VP Finance
  • Christian Management Association – Director of Finance and Administration
  • Ernst & Whinney, CPAs – Audit
  • Emerald Cove Camp, Inc. – Operations and Event Planning

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