Philip A. Hamilton

Philip A. Hamilton

Financial Leadership


Philip’s expertise spans over thirty years as a business manager-owner, with a strong track record as a skilled and adept Chief Financial Officer. Building on a solid foundation in financial management, he has directed the planning and implementation of corporate growth strategies that have helped companies achieve the number one position in their markets on a national level. He has operated successful ARCO mini-mart service station franchises and is skilled in Oracle, MAS90, SBT and QuickBooks accounting systems.

Areas of Expertise

  • Certified Public Accountant
  • Outsourcing and Operations Management
  • Lease and Franchise Negotiation
  • IT, HR and Engineering Staff Leadership
  • Budgeting and Strategic Planning

Key Accomplishments

  • Leading the implementation of Oracle Financials to three North American companies, Philip assisted Nemko USA in creating a two day turnaround for month-end reporting, negotiating leases resulting in a 20% cost savings, as well as reducing annual audit fees by 50% and insurance costs by 25%.
  • As an owner of two ARCO Mini-Mart franchises in San Diego County, Philip successfully operated these franchise businesses in a full-time capacity for two years, trasitioning to an off-site manager for five years prior to its successful sale
  • For Ista North America (formerly Viterra Energy Services, Inc.), a $25 million company, Philip played an integral role in the turn-around management that led start up organization from a $10 million loss to a profitable position in just three years.
  • Reducing outsourcing costs by over 50%, Philip also dramatically improved management reporting systems, thereby enhancing strategic and tactical planning for Ista North America.

Professional Experience

  • San Diego Air Pollution Control District – Deputy Director
  • Nemko USA, Inc. – Chief Financial Officer
  • ARCO Mini-Mart – Owner Operator
  • Ista North America – Chief Financial Officer
  • California Edison Utilities Co. – Chief Financial Officer/Controller

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