Michael King

Michael King

Executive Leadership


W. Michael King, Ph.D., BCC, with a career of over five decades of experience, serves as a Trusted Advisor, Mentor, Consultant, Executive Confidant & Coach. Deeply trusted in corporate organizations, he is renowned for his objective no-nonsense approach. His focus ranges from the executive suite throughout the spectrum to divisions, teams and individuals and is a mentor to many across the spectrum of humanity. As a mentor his focus strives to help others gain objectivity using reason and logic to build, & enhance self-esteem. As a leader and coach he aims to enhance clarity for operational efficiency by developing common-purpose cultures for company and team operations. He inspires individuals and groups to identify issues that impede their performance and that diminish their efficiency. He has served an international client base of over 1,000 corporations including government agencies.

Areas of Expertise

  • Executive, Divisional, Team & Individual Coaching
  • Advise, Mentor & Consult: All organizational levels
  • Lead & Develop Management Skills
  • Devise Efficient Organizational Structures
  • Conflict Resolution; Team Building

Key Accomplishments

  • Served multi-billion dollar domestic corporations as an Advisor, Consultant and Coach: assigned as a center-point manager, interceding between inter-corporate joint operations with foreign (Asian and European) companies.
  • Assigned to adjunct positions to corporate C-Suites in the role of Advisor, Consultant and Coach, participating in reviews & performance of all plant and development operations: domestic and foreign.
  • Inserted by senior executives to “takeover” dysfunctional divisions (crisis intervention) producing productive profitable results, building a collaborative & harmonious staff.
  • Devised reorganizational concepts and methods to remove functional barriers of “silos”
  • Developed a client base approximating 1,000 corporations and government agencies by word-of-mouth referrals.

Professional Experience

  • Exceptional Childrens’ Foundation – President & Chairman of the Board
  • Hewlett-Packard Company – Advisor/Consultant/Coach Chief Executives
  • AT&T – Advisor, Mentor, Coach, Consultant to Multiple Divisions & International Projects
  • Citicorp, NYC / Phillips, Vienna Austria Joint Projects – Advisor/Consultant/Coach
  • Olivetti Corporation, Italy – Consultant/Advisor, Joint Projects Arbitrator
  • Burroughs Corporation, World Headquarters Adjunct Position – Advisor to C-Suite

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