Armond Mehrabian

Armond Mehrabian

Information Leadership


A highly enthusiastic software development consultant and coach, Armond leverages 24 years of experience in software development and engineering leadership, with a focus on Agile software solutions. Having trained and coached several organizations and hundreds of product development professionals, Armond has helped successfully guide them through their Lean-Agile journey. A frequent guest speaker in PMI conferences and Agile forums, Armond provides an expert perspective on topics related to scaling agility and innovation. Most recently, Armond has been implementing Lean-Agile strategies through the use of the Scaled Agile Framework™.

Areas of Expertise

  • Leading Large-Scale Agile Transformations
  • Lean-Agile Concept Training
  • Building High Performance Agile leaders
  • Coaching Agile Teams for High Performance
  • Software Craftsmanship Strategies

Key Accomplishments

  • Trained and led the release planning for large scale Agile programs distributed across multiple locations in the U.S., Europe, and Asia.
  • Coached executives in building effective career paths for Agile organizations, and trained product development leaders in the latest requirement discovery tools such as Innovation Games®, Story Maps, and Personas.
  • Coaching over 70 distributed teams, Armond served as the Enterprise Agile Coach for a large software company.
  • Working for a large technology company, Armond led the guiding coalition of the Agile transformation program.

Professional Experience

  • Mitchell International – Lean Agile Trainer and Coach
  • Oracle – Scrum Trainer
  • Invensys – Scrum Trainer and Coach
  • Boeing – Lean Agile Coach
  • Kofax – Manager, Software Development

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