Michael King

Michael King Executive Leadership Biography W. Michael King, Ph.D., BCC, with a career of over five decades of experience, serves as a Trusted Advisor, Mentor, Consultant, Executive Confidant & Coach. Deeply trusted in corporate organizations, he is renowned for his objective no-nonsense approach. His focus ranges from the executive suite throughout the spectrum to divisions,…

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Marla Shepard

Marla Shepard Executive Leadership Biography With over 30 years-experience as President and CEO at a large top performing credit union, Marla brings unique skills and perspective in working with credit unions, nonprofits and small business. Her experience as a board member for a “for profit” public traded company adds a whole other dimension to her…

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Mike Osterling

Mike Osterling Operations Leadership Biography Mike is a facilitator, coach, speaker and author who provides leadership and front line support for companies on the Lean Journey. With more than 25 years of leadership experience, he has played a pivotal role in leading transformations in industries such as aerospace, auto, consumer goods, medical products, oil production…

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Rick Newton

Rick Newton Executive Leadership Biography Rick has over 30 years of hands-on expertise as a Small Business Owner, Private Equity Investor, and Executive of Fortune 200 Companies. Rick has experience across all industries with world-wide recognition for Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, and Social Responsibility. Rick is accomplished at identifying the key value drivers to significantly grow businesses…

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Pamela Richarde

Pamela Richarde Executive Leadership Biography An experienced leader and Executive Coach, Pamela brings to her work a unique combination of results-oriented pragmatism, intuition, business experience, compassion, humor and an insatiable curiosity. Her approach to working with clients is informed by her multi-disciplinary background, ranging from political science to performing arts to business management. Pamela’s years…

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Jannette Bailey

Jannette Bailey, Ph.D. Executive Leadership Biography Jannette Bailey with her combined Ph.D., MBA has been a senior facilitator for Fortune 500 companies, keynote speaker, executive coach, webinar training instructor, quality management advisor, strategic business developer and classroom presenter. Since 2001, she has worked with individuals and groups creating transformational, high-performing organizations. She has taught on…

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Blair M. Baker

Blair M. Baker Technology Leadership Biography A highly talented IT executive, Blair specializes in project management or interim leadership consulting in the realms of Information Technology and/or IT operational excellence. Blair excels in assisting executive and IT teams in increased communication, efficiency, and infrastructural alignment. He’s particularly skilled in transforming individual technical silos into a…

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Mark Fingerlin

Mark Fingerlin Executive Leadership Biography Mark Fingerlin combines his forty years of corporate leadership and Naval Aviation experience to provide executive leadership to CEOs and executive teams in a wide-range of corporate fields. Using his extensive “on the ground” experience, he draws from his personal experience and success to help chief executives become better leaders,…

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Michael Lindsay

Michael Lindsay, Ph.D. Executive Leadership Biography Drawing on over 20 years of wide-ranging experience as a clinical psychologist, Michael uses his vast skills and expertise to activate leadership capacity at the executive and director levels. Passionate about assisting individuals in unleashing their potential, Michael helps leaders to drive business results through enhanced communication, influence, conflict…

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Nancy Helgeson

Nancy Helgeson Executive Leadership Biography Nancy Helgeson is an Executive and Career Coach, trainer and facilitator with over 23 years of experience. She is currently Principal Partner with Collaborative Solutions, a firm specializing in executive, team, career and performance improvement coaching and facilitation. Nancy has also been an adjunct staff member for over 20 years…

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Eric Chriss

Eric Chriss Shareholder Chief Executive Officer Biography As our Founder and CEO, Eric Chriss’ dynamic, direct and innovative leadership guides our Executive Services Division. A nationally recognized trailblazer in the executive leadership and management field, Eric pioneered the CFO practice model – a model that has taken on national scope and is recognized as a…

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Jordan Goldrich

Jordan Goldrich Shareholder Chief Operating Officer Biography Jordan assists senior executives to align their leadership, business strategy, business processes and organizational culture to drive results. His clients benefit from his ability to apply lean and agile methodology to large cross functional initiatives to stop the drain of money, people and productivity caused by inaccurate planning…

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Tom Erickson

Tom Erickson Shareholder Chief Leadership Officer Biography A behaviorally-grounded executive consultant, Tom maximizes human potential by focusing on leadership effectiveness, management and organizational development, and strategic human resources management. Understanding that leadership effectiveness occurs within the context of the key processes that drive a business, Tom works with enterprises to improve systems, structures and disciplines.…

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